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We open up the season with the ArtFertiliser chocolate, a fusion of chocolate and art. And we’ve approached the classics a little and gave them a Zotter-like twist: such as "Coffee Toffee", "Liquorice de luxe" and "Chocolate Mint". Furthermore, there are lots of sweet gift chocolates such as "Stress Stopper", "For Little Heroes", "Sorry" and many more.

Sugar reduction is an important trend, which is why we have reinvented our white chocolate; with less sugar and lots more milk. The idea to reduce sugar led to the creation of three more new chocolate varieties: "Verjuice Green Grapes", Labooko "Cheeky Fruits" and Labooko "Apple & Sea Buckthorn with Vanilla", which have a refreshingly sour taste. They introduce an entirely new chocolate-eating experience, chocolaty-melting and, at the same time, refreshingly sour with a smooth finish.

"Cheeky Fruits" is our first vegan fruit chocolate and, while nibbling, one can feel the small fruit pieces that crackle in the chocolate. We have also added the crackling effect to the two dark Labookos "Cacao Nature with Muscovado Sugar Crackers" and "Dark Cuvée with small Nibs" because it’s just so great when it crackles while the chocolate melts. The new Balleros are now also available with crunchy fruit and brittle. In addition to that, we are using a new technique to cut and shape the little nibbling pieces - entirely without glazing agents and fruit powder.

We start the cake offensive with the Sim Bim cakes in a glass, which can be served directly at the table or given away as presents and stored for a year. For all baking fans we also finally offer Zotter chocolate icing in a glass and the long announced new cookbook: Bits of Paper with innovative cake and dessert recipes and exciting decorations around the topic of chocolate.

And not to forget the new Mitzi Blue, a colourful fruit cocktail with crunchy fruit flakes, which I have dedicated to my mum. Because it gives me great joy when she sits on the bench in front of our manufacture every day and enjoys the chocolate hubbub with her 85 years of age.

Chocolates and hot summer temperatures

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