Lingonberries + Peanuts + Salt

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Product description

Noble Bitter Chocolate filled with lingonberry ganache, peanut nougat and salt
A dark chocolate with a 70% cocoa content filled with a peanut nougat and a crunchy peanut brittle, enhanced with a tingly mix of salt and chilli. It’s accompanied by a second fruity lingonberry ganache made from candied lingonberries and white chocolate.

Hand-scooped Chocolates
70 g bar
Shelf life: minimum 3 months from shipping date 


Noble Bitter Chocolate° filled with lingonberry ganache°(30%), peanut nougat°(23%) and salt (0,1%)

Ingredients: raw cane sugar°*, cocoa mass°*, PEANUTS°, cocoa butter°*, lingonberries°, icing sugar°, FULL CREAM MILK POWDER°, rice syrup°, SKIMMED MILK POWDER°, lingonberry concentrate°, SWEET WHEY POWDER°, MILK°, BUTTER°, whole cane sugar°*, emulsifier: SOY LECITHIN°, salt, vanilla powder°, chilli ”Bird's eye”°, cinnamon°
Cocoa (cocoa mass and cocoa butter): 70% minimum in the Noble Bitter Chocolate°

*fair traded, fair trade content in total: 62%
°from controlled organic cultivation

Full cream milk powder from Bio vom Berg, organic farmers from Tyrol.
May contain traces of all types of nuts, eggs and sesame.

Nutritional information

Energy kcal 537kcal
Energy  kJ 2227kJ
Fat 35g
of which saturates18g
of which sugar41g


Nutrition / 100g (calculated according to literature data)

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