Award Winner in Falstaff

Gourmet magazine Falstaff was looking for Austria’s best dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 70 to 75%.

A top jury of 5 individuals with very sensitive noses and palates were up to the task – Romana Fertl (sensory analyst), Lucas Steindorfer (Chef at »rien«), Natalie Ezzo (Deputy Chief Editor »Cooking«), Eva Derndorfer (sensory analyst), Vicki Scharer (food blogger) (left to right) / image © Lukas Ilgner

And our dark Labooko was awarded First Place – Austria’s best dark chocolate

1st Place

Zotter Labooko
Belize Special 72%

(92 points) Verdict: beautiful sheen, clean break, very dark hue. Subtle roast and notes of cocoa; spicy, elegant aroma. Fruity on the palate, excellent melt, fine, bitter, multi-layered and pleasant texture, tart, lots of cocoa and an intense finish of roast. Overall beautifully balanced.

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8th Place

Zotter Labooko
Panama 72%

(90 points) Verdict: beautiful sheen, even break, with the subtle aroma of baked apple and butter. Hard crunch, great melt, fine notes of roasted cocoa on the palate, subtle acidity, notes of caramel, a taste of baked apple. Overall complex and harmonious.

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The criteria were: Look, break and of course flavour.
During production, the biggest challenge is to find an ideal balance. You want to showcase the wonderful flavour spectrum of the cocoa plant, but without putting too much emphasis on roast or sweeteners. An overly dark cocoa bean roast produces an unpleasantly bitter flavour at best and a taste of burnt rubber at worst. Too much sugar on the other hand drowns out the fine aroma variety of the cocoa bean and turns the chocolate into something sickly sweet and, at best, average.

"In the end, we have rewarded the chocolate creations that showed the most harmonious flavour spectrum“. Falstaff

Read more about the entire Falstaff competition here (in German)

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