• 08.09.2019

    The new chocolate collection

    We open this season with 18 new hand-scooped chocolates. Look out for classics like Salted Caramel, Amarena Cherry, Tiramisu and much more. Our daughter Julia has developed two vegan classics – Boozy Chocolate Mousse and White Brittle – as well as some experimental flavours like the new Seaweed Chocolate and the supremely delicious Whisky & Bacon, which even attracted the attention of British television. We are also excited to feature Yuzu, the latest trend ingredient, with a stunning flavour somewhere between tangerine and lemon. And because Zotter chocolates make a very popular give-away, we have 6 new gift chocolates in our latest range: “All the Best“, “Sweet Greetings!“, “Sweet Break“, “Chocolate is Happiness“ and two chocolates that can be personalised: “For … from…“, easy to inscribe and perfect for any occasion, as well as an “Emoji Choco“, with smileys you can tick.

    There are 4 new hand-scooped mini-chocolate snacks and a unicorn chocolate lolly for the kids.

    The Labooko range features 6 new dark chocolates, 4 of which hail from Africa, where cooperatives are now forming, which deliver fantastic cocoa quality. You’ll be surprised! Also, there are 2 new Labooko gift chocolates, “I Love You“ and “Be Happy“.

    All newbies at a glance

    Hand-scooped Chocolates 

    Hand-scooped Gift Chocolates 

    Hand-scooped Chocolate Minis

    Lollytop – Chocolate Lolly

    Labooko – Single Origin Chocolate

    Labooko Gift Chocolates

    • Be Happy – 35% Milk Chocolate Panama & Caramel Milk 
    • I Love You – 60% Ecuador & Raspberry