The new chocolate collection

We are celebrating the beginning of the chocolate season as well as 30 years of Zotter.


In 1987, we opened our first Zotter confectionery shop in Graz, Austria - this marked the launch of our family business and the beginning of the story of Zotter chocolates. Today we are celebrating 30 years of Zotter by introducing many new products we’ve created: we proudly present 20 new hand-scooped chocolates - a few are sophisticated classics like the fruity raspberry chocolate and some are eccentric and a little bit mad like the Fake Chocolate with peanuts and nettles.



Raspberry – dark chocolate with a fruity centre
Mousse au Chocolat “Piura“ 82% – my own favourite chocolate made with Criollo fine flavour cocoa and tons of chocolate power
Blackcurrant + Macadamia Nougat Crunch – nougat, fruit and crunch
Piña Colada – the Caribbean chocolate cocktail with coconut, pineapple and rum
Gin & Lemon – because gin is all the rage at the moment
Pineapple Cream – fruity-exotic and a classic covered in milk chocolate
Almond Nougat with fragrant Tonkas – a nougat classic made with Tonka beans, which are currently at the very top of the ingredient lists of various Michelin star chefs and perfume manufacturers
Chocolate Banana – Chocolate for School – our charity chocolate helping to ensure regular school attendance for Peruvian children, who are made to work at brickyards. This chocolate is especially dear to our hearts, and we would love for you to support this fantastic initiative so we can help as many children as possible, together.

Fake Chocolate with peanuts and nettles – the nettles don’t sting - hence the fake! Inspired, of course, by the current president of the US
Coffee Cookies – we have baked cookies using coffee ground, and they taste deliciously of coffee
Bread and Roses – the slogan of the women’s movement, “bread and roses”, realised with rose marzipan and sublime bread schnapps
Gourmet Journey to Peru - passion fruit, lime, sweet potato, maize - chocolate for true aficionados. Inspired by the creative Peruvian cuisine - Lima is home to three of the best restaurants in the world

NEW TECHNOLOGY All Hand-scooped Chocolates are topped with a very thin chocolate layer before being covered all over with even more chocolate, lending them an entirely new flavour dimension.


As an ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL, my daughter Julia and I have developed our new Labooko Vintage 2016, Dry Aged. A superior cuvée made from the best cocoa beans in the world, which we have aged for a year in order to mature its aroma. An anniversary wonder - best of organic, best of cocoa, best of Zotter - all that’s missing is confetti!

We have also discovered a few new, rare and extremely exciting fine flavour cocoa varieties which we’ve transformed into single origin chocolates.

75% Ecuador Seversal – using a selection of fine Arriba cocoa beans
75% Guatemala – fine flavour cocoa with a high Criollo content, cultivated by indigenous cocoa farmers
72% Peru with Fleur de Sel – a classic with a generous pinch of salt
65% Togo – sweet, dark chocolate using the first ever organic and fair trade cocoa from Togo

NEW TECHNOLOGY For all these new Labookos, we have applied our new and innovative SNR roasting method in order to really highlight the cocoa’s broad aroma. The procedure works by injecting water during the roasting process, which becomes a fine mist that in turn decreases the temperature, making for a gentler roast and vastly improving the cocoa’s flavour spectrum.


Food trends change regularly and at the moment, low carbohydrate diets are all over the place. We have created a number of low carb chocolates and you can find them in the Labooko, Balleros and BASiC Light Bulbs fine chocolate couverture ranges.


• Our Drinking Chocolates are sporting a new design.
Basic Light Bulbs have a new look as well and come in many new flavours.
Hand-scooped Chocolate Minis now come in 7 different flavours and are dressed in those classic and sophisticated wrappers, just like the big, hand-scooped bars.