• 28.08.2018

    Chocolate Season Kick-Off!

    We are starting off the new season with 21 new, hand-scooped chocolates with a bit of a subdued, classic character as opposed to the usual madness. There are many new nougat chocolates, which are also vegan, and we have created a few completely novel gift chocolates.

    There are new and rare cocoa varieties and countries of origin to be found among the Labookos and for the first time ever, some of our cocoa beans have been delivered via sailboat, completely eliminating environmentally harmful emissions.

    In the meantime, Julia Zotter spent 3 more weeks in Peru in order to visit our cocoa farmers as well as our social action project “Chocolate for School”. We have formed very close relationships with our cocoa farmers and are creating cocoa blends, single origin chocolates from one region and even a single village chocolate with beans sourced just from one small village.

    The Nashidos are experiencing a relaunch – seductive, wafer-thin and tender-melting in classic flavours like red wine, Marc de Champagne, grappa, peppermint… and a brand-new design.

    21 new Hand-scooped Chocolates in almost exclusively classic flavours:
    Nougats, classic and vegan: Hazelnut Nougat Brittle, Hemp Bonbon, Nougat Layers, Walnut Nougat
    Classics: Champagne + Raspberries, Nougat + Cookies, Coconut + Marzipan, Kir Royale, Lemon Mousse
    Special: “Sting” Red Edition – organic red wine by rock legend Sting – a must-eat for all music fans!
    8 new chocolate gifts: classics like “Have a Great Trip” and “I Love You - Soooo Much!” as well as our celebratory titles “Bravo! Amazing!“ and “Three Cheers For Us!“
    2 eccentric flavours: Ginger + Lemon, Lingonberries + Peanuts + Salt

    5 new Balleros: freshly roasted, crispy cocoa nibs, pure cocoa energy, covered in 5 different flavours of chocolate: Dark Choco Nibs 70%, Milk Choco Nibs 40%, White Choco Nibs, Raspberry Choco Nibs, Caramel Choco Nibs

    5 new, dark Labookos: 73% 2017 Vintage, Dry Aged – the best of the best. These beans are aged for a year – partly in oak barrels, like fine wine
    72% Brazil, 70% Congo, 72% Peru Malingas (rare vintage cocoa turned into a single village chocolate), 70% Nicaragua • Sail Shipped Cocoa, our sailing beans, which were delivered sustainably and entirely without producing environmentally harmful emissions – a chocolate with the perfect life-cycle assessment.
    Raspberry and Coconut, the fruity, new, vegan chocolate

    Labookos now feature a short flavour profile on the back of the wrapper, like “an elegant berry aroma with notes of caramel, caramelised citrus and nuts” and more extensive taster notes on the inside for those interested in flavours and chocolate character, who would like to get to know their chocolate in a bit more detail.

    Labooko Single: The Labooko as a single bar featuring special lactose-free, vegan or sugar-free flavours. Introducing two new chocolates as the perfect wine accompaniment, developed specifically for chocolate and wine tastings.

    1 BASIC 75% – Dark Bitter: a classic: classic in name, classic in its 75% cocoa content, the perfect couverture for professional and amateur pastry chefs.

    2 new Whole Nuts: Cashews in Milk Chocolate and Peanuts in Milk Chocolate

    Nashido: a brand-new design and all new, classic flavours: Red Wine, Marc de Champagne, Whisky, Grappa, Caramel Nougat, Peppermint, Raspberry, Redcurrant

    Mitzi Blue: 1 new flavour: Roller Coaster, which is vegan and does away with sugar entirely.

    Nougsus Nougat: we have enhanced our Nougsus Nougat with fruity couvertures with the exception of 3 flavours, where we left the fruity touch off to retain their vegan qualities

    Whole cocoa beans from 3 countries with varying aroma profiles: Cocoa Beans Ecuador, Cocoa Beans Madagascar, Cocoa Beans Peru

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