• 25.01.2019

    People of the Year

    Josef Zotter wins an extraordinary lifetime achievement award for his work as a visionary and contrarian.

    It was a stunning gala on Wednesday night, the 23rd of January 2019 at Styria Media Center’s Skyroom in Graz, where the Kleine Zeitung newspaper honoured its “People of the Year 2018”. Readers had been able to vote in various categories like culture, economy, science, newcomer, entertainment, social conscience and sports, and the newspaper’s editorial team also bestowed their extraordinary lifetime achievement award to Josef Zotter for his work as a visionary and contrarian.

    You can read everything about all the award recipients in the Kleine Zeitung’s  edition.

    Image: Urs Harnik-Lauris of Energie Steiermark, award recipient Josef Zotter and editor-in-chief Hubert Patterer © Juergen Fuchs

    Kleine Zeitung

    Urs Harnik-Lauris von der Energie Steiermark, Preisträger Josef Zotter, Chefredakteur Hubert Patterer © Juergen Fuchs