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    Burmese refugee
    Zotter cooks for refugees

    Zotter visited 

    the refugee children and cooked for them.


    Yummy! Meals for Schools

    The idea

    Every time you enjoy a chocolate bar, a child on the other side of the world stops starving.

    For each sold bar of "Yummy! Meals for Schools" chocolate, a Burmese refugee child will receive a school meal.

    1 Schokolade = 1 Schulessen
    Schokolade macht satt Tafel


    The world’s poorest people are affected most by increasing prices of raw materials. Many parents are no longer in the position to feed their children properly.

    In an interview with Jean Ziegler, the man who is called the conscience of the world because as a Special Rapporteur of the United Nations he bluntly reported about famine and poverty I read about the consequences which the financial crisis actually has on the development countries. On the one hand, billion-dollar loans for the banks are enabled and on the other hand, the budget of the World Food Programme of the UN was reduced by half. Numerous nutrition projects are now running on empty. The school meals for children, which frequently represented the only meal which they received were consequently discontinued in a number of regions.

    Our project

    We went on a search and through a friend I was familiarized with the project “Yummy! Meals for Schools“, which was initiated by “Help without Frontiers“. ”Help without Frontiers“ is a small and very committed organisation, which supports the cause of Burmese refugees. They have built schools for children in order to avoid that they end up as cheap labour in restaurants, households, factories or brothels. When the financial crisis broke out, it was also noticeable at the school. Many children who came to school were undernourished, ill or weak. Others did no longer appear attend school at all because they had to go begging.

    With its nutrition programme “Meals at schools“, “Help without Frontiers“ attempts to improve the nutritional situation and to ensure at the same time that the children can stay at the schools. The meals are freshly prepared by Burmese refugee women who are in this way provided with work. With success: The children come to school again and look much healthier.

    With our “Yummy! Meals for Schools Chocolate” we intend to support the Yummy Project. 1 chocolate = 1 school meal

    Our partner

    Get to know the work of “Help without frontiers“. You can also support the refugee schools directly or sponsor meals. The donation guarantee of “Help without frontiers“ provides you with the confidence that 100% of every donation will be contributed to the aid projects. www.helfenohnegrenzen.at