• Light Bulbs • White Rice Coconut, no sugar added

    lactose free vegan gluten-free alcohol free

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    Product description

    A white, vegan couverture sweetened with an organic sugar substitute. It’s a mix of white rice couverture and coconut couverture combined with pure cocoa butter and an organic, erythritol-based sugar alternative, which tastes like sugar but has zero calories. The chocolate is enhanced with a little orange powder, vanilla and a pinch of salt and comes in the shape of small lightbulbs. It’s perfect for baking, making bonbons or just as a snack.

    Light Bulbs Couverture
    130 g
    Shelf life: minimum 5 months from shipping date


    White Rice-Coconut Couverture°
    "Ingredients: cocoa butter°*, rice drink powder°(25%: rice°, sunflower oil°, salt), coconut powder°(20%: coconut milk°, maltodextrin°), sweetener: erythritol°, orange powder°(orange juice concentrate°, rice flour°), vanilla powder°, salt

    *fair traded, fair trade content in total: 35%
    °from controlled organic cultivation

    May contain traces of all types of nuts, peanuts, milk, sesame and soy."

    Nutritional information

    Energy kcal 527kcal
    Energy  kJ 2184kJ
    Fat 44g
    of which saturates24g
    of which sugar11g


    Average nutritional value per 100 g

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