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    We are grateful for the large amount of orders that we are currently receiving. However, despite working in 2 shifts including weekends, we can no longer guarantee timely delivery before Easter. The online shop is (almost) the only way to get Zotter chocolate at the moment and therefore the most important sales channel for us. In this way you help us to face this economic challenge directly. We therefore hope for your order and kindly ask for understanding in this exceptional situation.

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    Soy VEGAN Bar with Raspberry Hearts

    lactose free vegan gluten-free alcohol free

    5,90 € incl. 10.00% Tax

    Product description

    A vegan chocolate bar made from a mixture of two types of soy chocolate - one white and one with a 40% cocoa content, making it similar to milk chocolate. It is brightly decorated with two fruity raspberry hearts, their stunning, intense colour and delicious flavour derived entirely from natural berries, and covered all over in crispy green tea chocolate flakes, green tea leaves and apple bits rolled in cinnamon.

    All organic and fair trade.

    Wrapped in a decorative gift box.

    Minimum product weight: 100g
    Edible until: minimum 2 months from distribution date


    Soy milk, Soy white chocolate, 2 Soy Raspberry Hearts, Green Tea Leaves, Cinnamon Apple, Flic Flocs Rice White

    Ingredients: cocoa butter°, raw cane sugar°, SOY POWDER°, cocoa mass°, dried apples°, green tea leaves°, rice powder°, raspberry powder°, rice flakes (rice° & salt)°, emulsifier: SOY LECITHIN°, icing sugar°, salt, vanilla°, star anise°, cinnamon°, green tea powder°, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin°

    Traded in compliance with Fairtrade standards: raw cane sugar°, cocoa butter°
    °from controlled organic cultivation

    May contain traces of all types of nuts, peanuts, milk and sesame.

    Nutritional information

    Energy kcal 579kcal
    Energy  kJ 2313kJ
    Fat 41g
    of which saturates23g
    of which sugar38g


    Nutrition / 100g (calculated according to literature data)

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