Chocolate Subscription alcohol - free medium

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 produced without gluten  alcohol-free
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Product Description

Chocolate subscription content for November and December 2021 (content not selectable):

  • Labooko: Miracles and Tales
  • Hand-scooped: Heavenly Delight
  • Fruit Bar: Sweet Christmas Berries
  • Crema 130g: Cinnamon Praline
  • Chocolate - Minis: For Sweet Angels
  • Drinking Chocolate 22g: Winter Magic
  • Praline Bar: Almond
  • Christmas Tree Decorations Labooko: Milk Chocolate

Subject to change. Depending on availability of products, the content might vary.


Information about the chocolate subscription 

The first delivery will be packed as a gift in one of our Zotter gift boxes.

The next 4 partial deliveries are made automatically and are no longer sent in one of our gift boxes.