Chocolate Subscription

The sweet present that will bring joy over and over again!
Order once: enjoy 5 chocolate parcels a year

Surprise yourself or one of your loved ones five times a year with the exquisite chocolate highlights of the season.
With our chocolate subscription you or the presentee will receive five chocolate parcels in two-months intervals.
Your advantage: You will save up to € 10. more
Information about the chocolate subscription

The first delivery will be packed as a gift in one of our Zotter gift boxes.

The next 4 partial deliveries are made automatically and are no longer sent in one of our gift boxes.

You can find out which chocolates we are sending out this month on the respective detailed product less

Placeholder Chocolate Subscription Veggie Chocolate Subscription Veggie
Placeholder Chocolate Subscription small Chocolate Subscription small
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Austria: 30 €
Germany: 40 €

EU, Switzerland and Liechtenstein: 50 €

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