Biofekt Advent Calendar • Organic Bonbons

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more than 2% alcoholic content

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Product description

A golden, three-dimensional star, decorated with many small presents containing 24 hand-made, natural, deliciously organic bonbons created without any artificial flavouring, which will sweeten the wait until Christmas is here. There are 24 different flavours, some boozy with mulled wine, rum and champagne, some fruity with wild berries, oranges and apricot, some seductively nutty with almonds, hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds. Everything is, of course, organic and fairly traded – something practically unheard of in the bonbon department.

The Biofekt Advent Calendar is packed in pieces and can be assembled easily at home. Whoever puts it together should open the present with the big 0 on it and enjoy the very first bonbon.

0. Vanilla
1. Apricot (alc.)
2. Coffee Endorphin (alc.)
3. Cashew Nougat
4. Rice Orange
5. Pumpkin Seed Endorphin
6. Peanut Nougat
7. Raspberry Endorphin (alc.)
8. Almond Potty
9. Caramel Nougat
10. Zotter Coffee
11. Potato Vodka Endorphin (alc.)
12. Hazelnut Potty
13. Orange Passion Fruit Endorphin
14. Limoncello Liqueur (alc.)
15. Schilcher Endorphin (alc.)
16. Blackcurrant Lavender Potty
17. Champagne Endorphin (alc.)
18. Wild Berries
19. Mulled Wine Endorphin (alc.)
20. Gingerbread Endorphin (alc.), (contains gluten)
21. Hazelnut Nougat Light
22. Almond Endorphin (alc.)
23. Coconut and Rum (alc.)
24. Almond Nougat

25 bonbons à 6 g = total net weight 150 g 
Shelf life: 4 months from production date 
Calendar dimensions: W: 37 cm x H: 36 cm x D: 38 cm  


Ingredients: raw cane sugar°*, cocoa butter°*, cocoa mass°*, rice syrup°, full cream milk powder°, almonds°, hazelnuts°, cream°, butter°, skimmed milk powder°, milk°, peanuts°, pumpkin seeds°, cashews°*, sweet whey powder°, rum°*, Limoncello°, rice drink°, potato vodka°, red currant concentrate°, rosé wine°(contains sulfites), whole cane sugar°*, pumkin seeds oil°, dried raspberries°, dried apricots°, rice drink powder°(rice°, sunflower oil°, salt), coconut crisps°*, red wine°(contains sulfites), raspberry brandy°, Marc de Champagne°, Schilcher brandy°, apricot brandy°, almond brittle°(sugar°, almonds°, dextrose, butter°), caramel crisps°(sugar°, glucose syrup°, butter°), caramelized milk powder°(skimmed milk powder°, sugar°), orange juice concentrate°, dried black currants°, blue berries°, strawberries°, marzipan°(almonds°, sugar°, invert sugar syrup°), gingerbread°(rye flour°, sugar°, lemon peels, orange peels°, corn syrup°, eggs°, honey°, butter°, milk°, hazelnuts°, walnuts°, cinnamon°, gingerbread spices°, raising agent: sodium bicarbonate, pimento, nutmeg°), apricot puree°, dried oranges°, Amaretto°, emulsifier: soy lecithin°, coffee powder°*, lemon juice concentrate°, grappa°, honey°, skimmed milk yoghurt powder°, coconut milk°(coconuts°, water, thickener: guar gum°), lingonberry concentrate°, ground coffee beans°*, orange juice°, vanilla powder°, salt, dried blueberries°, dried strawberries°, coconut powder°(coconut milk°, maltodextrin°), dried passion fruits°, gingerbread spice°, lemon powder°(lemon juice concentrate°, corn starch°, sugar°), cinnamon°, rice flakes°(rice°, salt), star anise°, cardamom°, turmeric°, cloves°, emulsifier: lecithin (sunflower)°, rose petals°, ginger powder°, lavender oil°, orange powder°(orange juice concentrate°, rice flour°), orange oil°, chilli ”Bird's eye”°

*fair traded, fair trade content in total: 59%
°from controlled organic cultivation

Full cream milk powder from Bio vom Berg, organic farmers from Tyrol.
May contain traces of eggs and sesame.

Nutritional information

Energy kcal 515kcal
Energy  kJ 2137kJ
Fat 35g
of which saturates18g
of which sugar37g


Nutrition / 100g (calculated according to literature data)

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