• Biofekt Set - Christmas 16+4

    more than 2% alcoholic content gluten-free

    30,60 € incl. 10.00% Tax

    Product description

    Gift set with 16 organic bonbons and 4 chocolates. 8 handmade organic bonbons in festive flavours like Marc de Champagne, caramel and sour cherry, their stunning colours and natural flavour derived entirely from fruit, chocolate and berries. This comes with 4 surprising Christmas chocolates made with nuts, pralines, caramel and cinnamon.


    4 chocolates:
    2 x Hand-scooped Chocolates: Ho ho ho • Happy Holidays
    2 x Labooko: Miracles and Tales • Quiet & Unnoticed

    16 Biofekt filled chocolates:

    • Caramel Endorphin
    • Rum Coconut
    • Marc de Champagne Endorphin
    • Vanilla
    • Sour Cherry Endorphin
    • Hazelnut Praline Cube
    • Pumpkin Seed Endorphin
    • Red Currant
    • Almond Praline Cube
    • Schilcher Rosé Wine Endorphin
    • Coffee Endorphin
    • Hazelnut Praline Dark
    • Blackcurrant Lavender Potty
    • Rosé Wine Endorphin
    • Coconut Endorphin
    • Pistachio

    Filling with reservation! Depending on availability of products, the filling might deviate.

    With an inlay made from organic plastic, which is created with renewable materials only and thus compostable.

    16 bonbons at 6 g each + 4 chocolates at 70 g each = total net weight 376 g
    Dimensions of the set: W: 26 x H: 15.5 x D: 3.5 cm
    Shelf life: minimum 2 months from shipping date

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