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Product description

A large wall calendar bursting with fine, thin mini chocolate bars with creamy centres in seductive flavours like red wine, grappa, Marc de Champagne, they are classic with mint or fruity with redcurrant and raspberry. The slim Nashido shape is elegant and a veritable celebration for the palate with its delicious flavour and seductively quick melt. There is a surprise 25th chocolate bar in there, a pure gingerbread chocolate, to be enjoyed on Christmas Day or as a snack shared with friends along the way to Christmas Eve.


1. Nashido Raspberry 
2. Nashido Red Wine 
3. Nashido Marc de Champagne 
4. Nashido Mint 
5. Nashido Whisky 
6. Nashido Grappa 
7. Nashido Caramel 
8. Nashido Currant 
9. Nashido Raspberry 
10. Nashido Red Wine 
11. Nashido Marc de Champagne 
12. Nashido Mint 
13. Nashido Whisky 
14. Nashido Grappa 
15. Nashido Caramel 
16. Nashido Currant 
17. Nashido Raspberry 
18. Nashido Red Wine 
19. Nashido Marc de Champagne 
20. Nashido Mint 
21. Nashido Whisky 
22. Nashido Grappa 
23. Nashido Caramel 
24. Nashido Currant 
25. Nashis Gingerbread

The calendar inlay is made with bioplastics, which are derived from renewable raw materials and are entirely biodegradable and compostable.


24 filled mini chocolates à 8.5g + 1 pure mini chocolate à 7g = total net weight 211g
Shelf life: 6 months from production date
Calendar dimensions: W: 29.7 cm x H: 42 cm x D: 1.6 cm


Ingredients: raw cane sugar°*, cocoa mass°*, cocoa butter°*, FULL CREAM MILK POWDER°, rice syrup°, caramelized MILK POWDER°(SKIMMED MILK POWDER°, sugar°), MILK°, SKIMMED MILK POWDER°, rice drink powder°(rice°, sunflower oil°, salt), sunflower oil°, whole cane sugar°*, grappa°, ALMONDS°, HAZELNUTS°, whisky°, red wine°(contains SULFITES), rice drink°, dried blackcurrants°, redcurrant concentrate°, BUTTER°, Marc de Champagne°, raspberry concentrate°, SWEET WHEY POWDER°, dried raspberries°, emulsifier: SOY LECITHIN°, vanilla powder°, salt, lemon juice concentrate°, gingerbread spice°, emulsifier: lecithin (sunflower)°, cinnamon°, lemon powder°(lemon juice concentrate°, corn starch°, sugar°), mint oil°, cardamom°, rose petals°, lavender oil°

*fair traded, fair trade content in total: 77%
°from controlled organic cultivation

May contain traces of peanuts and sesame.

Nutritional information

Energy kcal 551kcal
Energy  kJ 2283kJ
Fat 38g
of which saturates22g
of which sugar38g


Nutrition / 100g (calculated according to literature data)

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