• "Chocolate Theatre + Edible Zoo" Children from 4 to 5 years

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    Product description

    Make a present of an unforgettable day at Zotter.

    Your voucher for the Chocolate Tour at the Chocolate Theatre for all 4-5 year-olds with a sweet tooth

    Your Chocolate Adventure Day

    In the Chocolate Theatre you will learn everything there is to know about chocolate, as well as taste and nibble as much as you want. The chocolate tour offers lots of cool knowledge and tasting stations. 90 minutes full of pleasure with chocolate plus and audio fun guide! At the Edible Zoo you can then also have lots of fun in nature: with animals, a giant slide, farmer's golf, slacklines, water wheels, forest and much more. Don’t forget your outdoor clothing.

    We wish you lots of exciting chocolate adventures and a great day at the chocolate manufacture and in nature!

    This voucher retains its intrinsic value for 3 years after the date of issue. If it is redeemed after 3 years, the monetary value of the voucher is still valid. The voucher cannot be redeemed in cash.

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