Chocolate Subscription Voucher Vegan

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Product description

YOUR ZOTTER CHOCOLATE SUBSCRIPTION COUPON - The sweet present that will bring joy over and over again!
Enjoy 5 chocolate parcels a year

Surprise yourself or one of your loved ones five times a year with the exquisite chocolate highlights of the season. With our chocolate subscription you or the presentee will receive five chocolate parcels in two-months intervals.

Information about the chocolate subscription

  • The contents can not be selected individually 
  • The first delivery gift wrapped is in one of our Zotter gift boxes The next 4 partial deliveries will not be sent in a gift box! 
  • During the hot summer months June, July, August and September, no partial deliveries are sent out.

This voucher retains its intrinsic value for 1 years after the date of issue.

The voucher cannot be redeemed in cash.

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