Vegan chocolates and more

All vegan – Hand-scooped Chocolates, drinking chocolates, couvertures, tender-melting praline, beautifully decorated chocolate, gift sets and much more. Discover Zotter’s huge vegan range – eco-conscious & sustainable & rich in flavour.

Of course, all products are ORGANIC & FAIR and contain pure cocoa butter (palm oil is a big no-no for us).

P.S. Pure dark chocolates are always naturally vegan as they don’t contain milk at all, but instead lots of cocoa power and sugar.

Placeholder Cranberry & Hemp Cranberry & Hemp
Placeholder Cranberry in Cacao Cranberry in Cacao
Placeholder Goji Berries in Sesame Goji Berries in Sesame
Placeholder For Busy Ones For Busy Ones
Placeholder Praline Layers Praline Layers
Placeholder Hazelnut Brittle Hazelnut Brittle
Placeholder Hemp Bonbon Hemp Bonbon
Placeholder Walnut Praline Walnut Praline
Placeholder Coconut + Marzipan Coconut + Marzipan
Placeholder White Brittle White Brittle
Placeholder Boozy Chocolate Mousse Boozy Chocolate Mousse
Placeholder Granola + Fruit Granola + Fruit
Placeholder Date & Cashew Date & Cashew
Placeholder Tangerine, Matcha and Coconut Tangerine, Matcha and Coconut
Placeholder Plum & Hazelnut Plum & Hazelnut
Placeholder Cranberry Cranberry
Placeholder Stone Pine & Cranberry Stone Pine & Cranberry
Placeholder For the Best Employee in the World! For the Best Employee in the World!
Placeholder Zotter 05 "Vegan Variety" Zotter 05 "Vegan Variety"
Placeholder Raspberry Coconut & Raspberries Raspberry Coconut & Raspberries
Placeholder Cranberry & Cranberries Cranberry & Cranberries
Placeholder Hazelnut Whole Nuts Hazelnut Whole Nuts
Placeholder Brazil Nut Whole Nuts Brazil Nut Whole Nuts
Placeholder Pecan Nut Whole Nuts Pecan Nut Whole Nuts

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