Personal edition

Personal gifts are always well-received!

Personalized chocolates may serve as a suitable gift and give-away or a special type of business card for all occasions. At Zotter you will now have the occasion to brand your own chocolate edition. If the message appeals to the taste of the receiver, this gives proof your style and creates an effect. We supply the product and you decide about the look.

We have compiled a special offer for weddings for you. (In German)

Eigene edition Handgeschöpft

Hand-scooped chocolates 70 g

The original from z o t t e r. With their wonderful flavour compositions, the hand-scooped chocolates have become cult. Seductive layers of filling are piled up, covered with home-made chocolate coating that matches the filling, and fuse together to an always spectacular taste experience.

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Eigene Edition Labooko

Labooko – 2 in 1, 2 x 35g

Pure chocolates with plenty of advertising potential. 2 different chocolate varieties are contained in one Labooko packaging. The Labooko packaging can be opened like a book and offers much space for text and messages on the two side flaps. Moreover you may ideally position your business card in the middle between the 2 sides.The Labooko chocolates are fruit and nut chocolates with an explosive taste or – as a classical variation – White, smooth and noble bitter chocolates which have class and familiarize the customers with cocoa regions, cocoa percentages and cocoa quality.

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Labooko Single

Labooko Single 35 g

1 pure chocolate: At his bean-to-bar manufacture Josef Zotter transforms fruits, nuts and first-class cocoa varieties from selected regions directly into chocolate. Fruity exhilaration with red, pink, orange and dark violet bars whose fabulous appearance and taste is a completely natural result of the contained fruits or nuts.

With Labooko Single you will discover the world of chocolate: regional Latin American cocoa varieties with increasing cocoa percentages. From White Chocolate via the smooth chocolate to chocolate with 100% cocoa. Labooko Single chocolates are contained in a normal packaging without side flaps for text and messages.

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Eigene Edition Nashis

Nashis 7 g

The pure Labookos as a miniature in the 7-g format

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Company Edition MitziBlue

Mitzi Blue • 65 g

The trendy eye-catcher

This spherical chocolate features a surprising and cool chocolate mix, a great look, beautiful accessories and an environmentally friendly wrapping to boot. We’re happy to add your business card to each individual chocolate bar...

Minimum product quantity: 100 pcs

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Eigene Edition Chocoshots

Chocoshots oral 12ml

Fun & innovation are ensured by the shot of pleasure without any side effect. Fine fillings in injections promise an enjoyable kick. The packaging resembles a medical packaging, and, of course, includes a package insert as well. Your self-designed packaging represents the image kick.

More information and template on request

Eigene Edition Lollytop

Lollytops – Choco lollipop 20g

Sweet on the outside and colourful on the inside, because each Lollytop variety is shining in a different colour which arises naturally from the fruits, nuts and cocoa. Lollytops are first chocolate lollies which are exclusively ORGANIC and FAIR.

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