Organic Street Food Zone

Hot dogs, fries, beer, lemonade and more… everything for when you’re a bit peckish is available at our Organic Hot Dog Stand "Airstreamer", with outdoor seating in the sun or in the shade of an umbrella & marquee (free choice of seating; pleasantly tempered in summer by a mist cooling system!). Let us surprise you, choose from our changing daily recommendations or take a look at the menu.

Our Organic BBQ is located just next to the Organic Hot Dog Stand. We serve burgers, pulled pork, vegan tofu burgers, cevapcici and our daily specials fresh from the grill. All organic, of course, with meat from our Edible Zoo and the ÖKO Speck Takel, our innovative butchery in the centre of the Zoo area. Simply order food and drinks at the Organic BBQ self-service checkout, where you will receive a pager for your food order and can choose a cosy seat while we freshly prepare your food. The pager will vibrate as soon as the food is ready for pick-up. Please note that we are unfortunately unable to accept reservations, but depending on how busy it is, we can serve very quickly and we have plenty of standing and seating areas, both outdoors and indoors (e.g. also at our wing bar above the Chocolate Theatre foyer or in the Organic Coffee Shop). To the Organic BBQ menu.

Opening hours

Organic Hot Dog Stand:
currently closed, expected to open again from July 22nd

Mon - Sat: from 9 am

Organic BBQ:
Mon - Sat: from 11 am

subject to change on short notice, generally closed on Sundays & public holidays!

From America to Riegersburg ...

Airstreams have been rolling along American roads as caravans since 1930 and with them the feeling of freedom and independence. The Airstream was designed to be light enough to be towed by a normal car. That is why the outer shell is made of unpainted aluminium. The Airstream also owes its nickname "silver rocket" to this look.

Our Airstream, built in 1972, was originally a luxury caravan that was transformed into a mobile food truck. After a few adaptations to the interior and extensions to the exterior, it is no longer quite so mobile. But that's a good thing.