Christmas chocolates & gift sets

Sweet Christmas chocolates, a great variety of decorative gift sets, Christmas Endorphins, the beautiful Advent calenders and many more... 

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Overdose Chocolate Drink

Your Energy Boost

The cool Overdose chocolate drink is boosted with superfood and chocolate power - a perfect energy boost for Autumn.

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Zotter chocolates

Zotter Chocolates

365 chocolate varieties, drinking chocolates, nougat, filled chocolates, customized chocolates and much more. Everything from Zotter at a look!

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Flic Floc Flakes

NEW Flic Flocs

The cool new chocolate flakes crackle merrily! Crunchy, chocolaty, fruity - beyond milk and the breakfast bowl - simply for nibbling! 

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Hand-scooped Chocolates

The filled chocolate miracles with the cool art design are cult. From Champagne to Mountain Cheese to Currant Chilli Rock, you experience a flavour explosion with over 90 varieties!

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Pure chocolust! Dark chocolate with a high content of original and regional cocoa, a variety of milk chocolates as well as incredible fruit and nut chocolates.

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Zotter News

Huffington Post: Josef Zotter

about business, greenwashing and...

New movie: Mayan Gold

Right now in Zotter´s chocolate ...

Zotter-Shop in Graz

The sweet paradise is open



On our tasting tour you will experience live how chocolate arises.

About z o t t e r

About Zotter

All about variety, quality, creativity and sustainability.

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Our Edible Zoo

Organic Restaurant

Organic Restaurant

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