Mother´s Day

Mother´s Day - May 11th

Chocolate hearts, beautiful chocolate boxes or flowers dipped into chocolate. Find your gifts for...

Mother´s Day


Zotter chocolates

365 Chocolate Varieties

Another day, another chocolate –
that's Zotter for you!

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Overdose Chocolate Drink

NEW: Overdose

The cool chocolate drink boosted with superfood! 

Available from the 10th March



Hand-scooped Chocolates

Filled chocolate wonders. Thanks to the wonderful compositions of taste and their unique design the Hand-scooped Chocolates have turned into a cult.

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Your chocolate mix

Mix your own chocolate. Your chocolate mix for mother´s day with chocolate hearts, delicate fillings and new shapes like flower, heart, car and more. 

Your Mi-Xing bar

Mitzi Blue
Mitzi Blue-Logo

Cheeky, wild and round – Mitzi Blue is in touch with the latest trends. Snazzy titles, cool Zotter design and the trendy Mitzi mix..

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Pure chocolust! Dark chocolate with a high content of original and regional cocoa, a variety of milk chocolates as well as incredible fruit and nut chocolates.

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Labooko Contest
Labooko Contest Logo

The comparison: 2 different chocolates and a secret. Discover the world of chocolate!

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Sweet and beautiful: you will find here suitable, readily packed chocolate gifts.

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Drinking chocolate

Drinking Chocolate

The Big Bang of Chocolate Culture. It all started with drinking chocolate and now drinking chocolate is the latest new trend!

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Wow! Nibbling takes on a new dimension. Dried fruits or pieces of roasted nuts rolled in chocolate and dusted with pure cocoa, a fruit powder or a sugar mixture – without brightener.

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The most popular Hand-scooped Chocolates are now available as a 20-g-miniature version, individually packed as a snack for immediate nibbling

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Lollytop chocolate lollies

Chocolate lollies for kids. Cuddly on the outside and colourful on the inside since every single Lollytop shines in another colour, naturally deriving from the fruits, nuts and cocoa.

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Basic couverture

Couverture for baking, decorating and creating fantasies. Become creative with chocolate - we have the stuff that dreams are made of. 15 varieties like white, milk choco or soy

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On our tasting tour you will experience live how chocolate arises.

About z o t t e r

About Zotter

All about variety, quality, creativity and sustainability.

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