Bean to Bar


With the bean-to-bar production line Josef Zotter, as one of the very few high-class chocolatiers in the world, carries out all of the production processes for the creation of chocolate in-house: from the roasting of the cocoa beans on rollers to the classic grinding in the conche, everything is made on-site with the greatest of finesse. Thus, Zotter is the only company in the whole of Europe that produces chocolate from bean to bar using nothing but organic and fairtrade quality!

The creative centre for chocolate extends over 5,200 square metres. This is because the transformation of the bean into chocolate is a very complex process. Zotter treats each type of cocoa individually by matching the process to the character of the cocoa. This is dependent upon the peculiarities of each cocoa type – the subtleties, the extravagances and the aromatic origins of chocolate.