As this year’s Easter surprise, we are happy to present brand new creations like the “Mango Bunny” chocolate for kids, the vegan Easter chocolate “Bunny in Easterland“ and the new Easter Labooko chocolate bars made from the finest single origin chocolates for all those who love their choccy delightfully dark. These dark Labookos have raked in multiple awards and regularly place among the top dark chocolates in national and international rankings. We are introducing a new Easter Classic chocolate as well as many brightly decorated Easter Bunnies and Easter Eggs, Eggs in a Jar and two small, hand-scooped Easter Minis – the perfect addition to your Easter basket and small enough to hide for ye olde Easter egg hunt. The Minis are also available as part of a stylish Easter gift collection, and we are offering a number of creatively assembled gift sets choc full, as it were, of organic bonbons and chocolate bars.