• Chocolate tour
    Chocolate tour
    Chocolate tour
    Chocolate tour
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    Chocolate tour
    Chocolate tour
    Chocolate tour
    Chocolate tour
    Tasting tour

    All about chocolate – From the bean to the cult

    How is chocolate created? What do freshly roasted cocoa beans or cheese in chocolate taste like? The Chocolate Theatre offers an exciting tasting expedition for everyone who hungers for chocolate. Chocolate is an experience!

    Immerse yourself in the world of chocolate

    The tasting tour around the zotter world of chocolate provides valuable information on chocolate as well as numerous creatively arranged titbit stations. You wander around the transparent chocolate factory along paths of glass and accompany the transformation of the cocoa bean into chocolate.

    In order to avoid long waiting times, we urgently recommend you to make a reservation. By phone: +43 - (0)3152 - 5554, via e-mail: tickets@zotter.at  or use our

    Online reservation.

    You may expect:

    • Cocoa Cinema  – „Where cocoa grows“. Film journey to the cocoa farmers in Latin America.
    • Bean-to-Bar-Manufacture – Here you may get to know all the production steps from the roasting, via the fine milling up to the conching, experience the creation of chocolate also with your senses and taste intermediate products.
    • Cocoa Roasting Facility – Taste freshly roasted cocoa beans from many different countries of origin – taste the difference!
    • Coffee bean biter– Try freshly roasted coffee beans, which we produce for our own coffee mixture.
    • Cocoa Squeezing Powder – in different concentration
    • Nougat-Spoon Fountain – Liquid nougat jumps from spoon to spoon.
    • Conching Time Machine – Dark chocolates with an increasing cocoa content.
    • BASiC-Filling Station – Springing chocolate fountains.
    • Smelling & Curiosity Cabinet – “Guess the aroma” game and show of ingredients.
    • Labooko Cracker – High-percentage cocoa blends and colourful fruit chocolates.
    • Lollytop-Stairway to Heaven – Chocolate lollies for kids and teens.
    • Drinking Chocolate online – The smallest cable car of the world serves you drinking chocolate.
    • Mitzi-Blue Turntables – Record players present the round chocolate bars in the mix.
    • nougsus-Paternoster – The exceptional nougat variations.
    • Flic Flocs in bathing caps – the chocolate flakes crackle merrily!
    • balleros Roulette – Nibbling wonders are rolling in copper kettles.
    • Running Chocolate – Hand-scooped chocolates wind themselves around a glass panorama. They don’t get very far...
    • Enough nibbling? Have tremendous fun in nature and visit our Edible Zoo before or after the tasting tour. The admission to the zoo  is included in every Chocolate Theatre tour.

    Not accessible by wheelchair or with stroller …

    Due to many staircases our Chocolate Theatre is unfortunately not fully accessible. We offer all people using wheelchairs to visit our cocoa cinema and to enjoy a special chocolate tasting in our shop for free.

    We recommend that parents with small children use a baby sling. You can park a stroller in the foyer or in the cloakroom.