Product Launches

1992 Zotter invents "hand-scooped" chocolate in his confectionery.

1998 Zotter starts making drinking chocolate in the shape of hand-ladled chocolate bars.

2000 balleros, pieces of pleasure rolled in chocolate, are launched.

2007 Zotter starts selling BASiC couverture for consumers and professional chefs.

2008 Labookos are Zotter’s first cast-moulded chocolates to be produced entirely in his bean-to-bar Manufactory.

2008 Zotter adds colour to choco-life with the invention of fruit chocolate. His company now produces bright red, purple and orange varieties as well as brown and white ones. The new additions to the product range are as colourful as they are fruitilicious.

2008 Nashis – miniature 7-g bars – are launched.

2009 Mitzi Blue hits the shelves – the CD-shaped chocolate for the young urban generation.

2009 The world’s first fish chocolate enters the shops.

2009 CHOCOshots oral are launched – chocolate-filled syringes that are guaranteed to hit the spot and deliver a totally legal high without any side effects.

2009 Zotter develops a new range of truffles: BIOfekt – more than 60 varieties of fresh hand-made chocolate truffles, the first truffles that are made entirely from organic and fairly traded ingredients.

2010 Lollytop – choco lollypops come in a range of vibrant colours and they too are the first of their kind to be made from organic and fairly traded ingredients.

2010 nougsus – an innovative range of nougat varieties, including some world premieres: pumpkin seed nougat, sesame seed nougat, coconut nougat.

2010 the Mi-Xing bar is launched. The online tool allows customers to create their very own favourite chocolates, offering them over 20 billion varieties to choose from – a number that was calculated by a professional mathematician.

2011 Zotter’s blood chocolate comes as a shock and ends up in the Graveyard of Ideas after fierce protests.

2012 Mitzi Drink – Play it! Mix it! Drink it! proves a hit at the Biofach 2012 tradeshow, where it is rated second best new product. Mitzi Drink is ready to hit the shelves in record time: within three weeks after the idea is first developed.

2012 Zotter starts selling his own Zotter Coffee-Mi(s)Chung.

2013 Zotter starts the new year by launching Nutting Hills – the nougat bar with whole nuts at the Biofach 2013 tradeshow.

2013 Miniature – individually wrapped hand-ladled miniature chocolates. Finally 7 hand-ladled varieties are available in "snack-size" portions – every bit(e) as high-quality as their larger counterparts.

2013 The Zotter Gift Mixer goes online, allowing customers to create their own personalised gift boxes choc-full of their favourite varieties.

In 2013, alien spaceships land in the UniFairse. The extra-terrestrial filled chocolates mix.

2013 Individualisation - The MiXing bar is expanded: With MiXing drink, MiXing mini, MiXing kids - Your own customised chocolates is now available with fillings, as drinking chocolate and in cool shapes such as heart, star, car.

2013 Little light bulbs Couverture chocolate in the shape of small light bulbs gives you bright ideas.

2014 Overdose - the cool chocolate drink with the superfood kick comes on the market. With it, Zotter is the first top chocolatier to offer quality and a sensational taste in the form of a trendy canned drink. It is no longer available.

2015/16 Zotter opens up the season 15/16 with the topic “art & chocolate”, because that´s the basis of Zotter and we dedicate this fusion the new chocolate creation “Artificial Fertiliser for Spirit and Soul“. In addition to the trends we present a lot of new creations like “Cheeky Fruits” our first vegan fruit chocolate bar, Helping and Nibbling“ the donation chocolate, crunchy and fruity Balleros balls and some classics with a Zotter-like twist: such as “Coffee Toffee”, “Liquorice de luxe” and “Chocolate Mint”

2015Flic Foc – chocolate flakes for nibbling and as toppings for yoghurt, ice cream, desserts and breakfast cereals.

2015 Zotter is offering 16 varieties of Sim Bim Cakes, the very first organic and fair-trade cakes that can be conjured - poof! - directly from the glass onto the plate!

2016 Pop Art Corn – The crunchy chocolate popcorn: Freshly popped and coated with chocolate.

2016 Globally – little chocolate balls with small, roasted cacao nibs.

2016 Crema – the bread spread by Zotter. 3 fine nougat creams.

2016 Delicatessen from the Edible Zoo. From pasture to table. Organic meat, organic sausages, organic spreads and the delicious Zotter Table Sausage Cuvée, a salami bar in the shape of a hand-scooped chocolate. 100% organic, our own heritage breeds, reared in happy, free-range conditions and delicatessen produced in-house. 

2016 Stack of Leaves – wafer-thin chocolate sheets in different flavours and strengths. 5 variations from dark to fruity. 

2016 Nashido – small chocolate bars with a creamy centre in ten seductive flavours.

2016 Xocitto – the Chocolate Espresso, easily prepared with a hand mixer and to be enjoyed just like a proper espresso, neat, sweetened with sugar or latte-fied with milk. 

2017 BASiC Choco Nougat for Baking and Bonbon Making in twelve yummy flavours from hazelnut to walnut to hemp nougat.

2017 Classic – 3 large-format classics: white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. 

2018/19 Zotter has started off the season with 21 new, hand-scooped chocolates with a bit of a subdued, classic character as opposed to the usual madness. Nougats, classic and vegan, “Sting” Red Edition – organic red wine by rock legend Sting – a must-eat for all music fans! 8 new chocolate gifts: classics like “Have a Great Trip” and “I Love You - Soooo Much!”. Labooko 70% Nicaragua • Sail Shipped Cocoa, our sailing beans, which were delivered sustainably and entirely without producing environmentally harmful emissions – a chocolate with the perfect life-cycle assessment. 

2019/20 for the new season, we have created 18 new Hand-scooped Chocolates, from classics like »Salted Caramel«, »Tiramisu« and »Amarena Cherry« to a few virtuoso flavours like »Seaweed Chocolate« and »Whisky & Bacon« for those with a more adventurous palate. British television was our guest recently and has already broadcasted a piece about our »Whisky & Bacon« chocolate. This extraordinary and delicious creation was invented by our daughter Julia Zotter, along with some of the other new and exciting flavours like the vegan classic »Boozy Chocolate Mousse« and »White Brittle«.

Zotter chocolates are popular presents and we have of course also created 6 new gift chocolates, like »Sweet Break«, »Chocolate is Happiness« and an »Emoji Choco«, for any and every occasion.

Our charity chocolate»Chocolate for School« lets you gift double the joy: 50 cents per chocolate bar sold go to a children’s aid project in Peru, which enables kids to go to school. We have to date sold about 90.000 bars, and around 45.000 euros have already been transferred to the project, so we naturally want to keep supporting it this year.

The Labooko series features 6 new, dark single origin chocolates, 4 of them from Africa, where cooperatives which deliver sublime, fair traded quality cacao have been developing. Good things are happening in that neck of the woods, where there used to be massive human rights abuses on cocoa plantations, there are now great alternatives – let us surprise you with amazing cacao varieties.

2020 With the start of the new year, Zotter focuses on sugar alternatives and sugar-free chocolates. In January 2020 we started our new »Squaring the Circle« range and dedicated ourselves to the hot topic of sugar. We presented 10 chocolates which centre around our examination of the subject of sugar. They are either entirely sugar-free or contain sugar alternatives like the trendy date sugar, no-calorie erythritol or coconut sugar.

2020 The new selection is heavy on classics, pralines and nut varieties. Nuts are very on trend – all over the world and of course also at Zotter’s – popular classics with precious ingredients, which you can enjoy as a trendy comfort food. Nuts dominate our new collection.

We opened the new season with 16 new, hand-scooped Chocolates – real classics like Choco Mousse, available in white, milk and dark chocolate. We also offer wine classics like White Wine from our own vineyards and Sweet Wine "Red" created by a top winemaker. We are offering moments of nutty indulgence with Marzipan and Almonds and Chestnut + Cranberry, a fruity and nutty delicacy. New sugar alternatives are featured as well, for example in our crispy Granola + Fruit creation, sweetened with maple sugar. And the craziest chocolate of the season Cola & Popcorn comes from Julia Zotter, mixed from Austrian Cola, cola jelly and caramelised popcorn in almond nougat.

With our charity chocolate Chocolate Banana, we are supporting a new project: 50 cents out of every chocolate sold go towards the Caritas children’s charity project “Chocolate for School” in Uganda.

The Squaring the Circle range introduces an entirely new chocolate assortment with a focus on sugar-free chocolates and exciting sugar alternatives. Featuring trendy date sugar, erythritol organic, no-calorie sweetener, fructose contained in added bits of mango, two new nut bars and much more. It consists of 13 chocolate varieties, all focusing on the hot topic of sugar.

2020 A brand new addition to the Zotter range is the Fruit Bar. We turn colourful fruit couvertures made from freeze-dried fruit, raw cane sugar and pure cocoa butter into delicious, soft and fruity dreams. Enhanced with lots of small fruit pieces, which give the bar its crispy crunch as well as stunning colours and a natural fruity flavour, which are derived entirely from berries and other fruit. 

2022 Zotter is adding very special "Chocolate Art" pieces to its range of Biofekt pralines, which not only look unique but also taste absolutely fantastic: Hemp Xoco-Joints in grass paper, Tiki Taka with a creamy filled chocolate board as a playing field and two chocolates on it, Shikki Mikki with Marc de Champagne filling and fancy packaging as a champagne cork, plus the new Övrettos, Chi Chi Bar, Chocky Mountain, Planetarium, Xokarons, Choco Ring, which join Ball Bearings, Alienship, Flower Power and Ball Waltz.

2022/23 Zotter celebrates 30 years of hand-scooped chocolates. Together with his daughter Julia, Josef Zotter again created many new hand-scooped flavours: classics like Poppy Seed & Cherry and Vanilla + Crisps and innovative flavours like PawPaw hailing from the South Tyrol. New in our range are also many hand-scooped chocolate minis and mini gifts like Thank You or Stress Stopper. And our Mitzi Blue appears in an entirely new design, featuring small product images on the wrappers.

2023 Zotter launches the first chocolate developed together with Choco Del Sol under the motto "All you need is Chocolate & Friends". Chocolate & Friends is friendship forged in chocolate.

2023/24 The new season rings in a celebration of variety & innovation & sustainability. A particular focus is on our hand-scooped chocolates, featuring 22 new bars. We are also proud to present lots of new vegan chocolate innovations from hand-scooped Rum Coconut to Lemon & Almond to the latest vegan milk chocolates from the Labooko range, created using oat drinks instead of milk. Our third highlight is the Cheery & Nuts range, that tender-melting chocolate and praline duo with a crunch – unique in its creation.