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Gift ideas from Zotter for kids. Organic + Fair + Green chocolate.

Placeholder Strawberry & Cashew Strawberry & Cashew NEW
Placeholder Caramel & Peanut Caramel & Peanut NEW
Placeholder For Good Ones For Good Ones
Placeholder For You For You
Placeholder Get Well Soon Get Well Soon
Placeholder Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
Placeholder White chocolate with Brittle White chocolate with Brittle
Placeholder PralineVariation PralineVariation
Placeholder Honey Crunch Honey Crunch
Placeholder Caramel "Fudge" Caramel "Fudge"
Placeholder Caramelized Nuts Caramelized Nuts
Placeholder Wild Berries with Vanilla Wild Berries with Vanilla
Placeholder Chequered Cow - Milk Chocolate Chequered Cow - Milk Chocolate
Placeholder Raspberry Raspberry
Placeholder Praline + Cookies Praline + Cookies
Placeholder I Love You – Soooo Much! I Love You – Soooo Much!
Placeholder Coconut + Marzipan Coconut + Marzipan
Placeholder Honey Nuts Honey Nuts
Placeholder All The Best All The Best
Placeholder Chocolate is Happiness Chocolate is Happiness
Placeholder Sweet Break Sweet Break
Placeholder Cola & Popcorn Cola & Popcorn
Placeholder Milk Choco Mousse Milk Choco Mousse
Placeholder Granola + Fruit Granola + Fruit

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