Couverture Light Bulbs and Bars

130 g bar and light bulbs
1.300 g Professional and light bulbs
Shelf life: minimum 5 months from shipping date

For cakes, tarts, cupcakes, mousse, desserts and bonbons - BASIC fine couvertures introduce sublime flavours and variety into the kitchen.

There are fine couvertures with a cocoa content of 100%, milk chocolate couvertures and white couvertures as well as colourful fruit couvertures giving you all new colour and flavour options - all of their intense, beautiful hues are of course derived entirely from natural fruit. Our fragrant more intense coffee and caramel couvertures will offer delicious material to expand your creativity, and we also feature a number of vegan options as well as trendy low-carb couvertures as an alternative to the rich classics. Let yourself be inspired!

BASICs are available in the shape of chocolate bars or sweet little chocolate light bulbs, which make dosage and tempering much easier.

The BASIC couvertures are produced bean-to-bar in our factory and are made exclusively with quality organic and fair trade ingredients like pure cacao butter with no added fat, real Bourbon vanilla not vanillin, organic mountain milk and cacao with a certificate of origin from the smallholders who work with love and care.

Please note our general information and recommendations on tempering couverture!
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