Labooko Mini Variation

10 x 8 g bar = 80 g package
Shelf life: minimum 5 months from shipping date

Labooko Mini Variation – 10 Flavours & Virtual Tasting
10 different Labooko Mini flavours in one pack, including a virtual chocolate tasting with Julia Zotter, which you can watch any time using the QR code printed on the packaging. These exciting combinations are featured as three variations using 10 dark chocolate flavours, 10 milk chocolate flavours and 10 vegan creations. moreExperience the very different tastes of these fine flavour single origin chocolates from the best growing regions in the world. The vegan variation for example, boasts a surprising range of pralines, fruit bars and single origin chocolates. And Julia Zotter explains each variety and the secrets behind the individual flavours in her very entertaining manner. An interactive snack indulgence with an informative topping.
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