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Be creative with chocolate: whether it is mousse au chocolat, pies, cakes, filled chocolates or chocolate dumplings - we have the stuff for your ideas. White couverture, milk and dark couverture with varying cocoa contents and exciting coffee or coconut couverture. We also have a selection of vegan varieties and a lactose-free cow milk couverture. more
The fine couvertures are produced bean-to-bar in our factory and are made exclusively with quality organic and fair traded ingredients like pure cacao butter with no added fat, real Bourbon vanilla not vanillin, organic mountain milk and cacao with a certificate of origin from the smallholders who work with love and care.

Please note our general information and recommendations on tempering couverture!
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Placeholder White Couverture White Couverture
Placeholder Couverture 40% Couverture 40%
Placeholder Couverture 50% Couverture 50%
Placeholder Couverture 60% Couverture 60%
Placeholder Couverture 70% Couverture 70%
Placeholder Couverture 100% Couverture 100%
Placeholder White Couverture 1300g White Couverture 1300g
Placeholder Couverture 40% 1300g Couverture 40% 1300g
Placeholder Couverture 50% 1300g Couverture 50% 1300g
Placeholder Couverture 60% 1300g Couverture 60% 1300g
Placeholder Cuverture 70% 1300g Cuverture 70% 1300g
Placeholder Couverture 100% 1200g Couverture 100% 1200g
Placeholder Cocoa Butter Cocoa Butter

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