Our Projects

Kids in school

Chocolate for School

Enabling kids in Peru to attend school. 
50 cents per each Chocolate Banana chocolate bar sold go to our “Chocolate for School” charity, enabling regular school attendance for Peruvian children, who are made to work at brickyards and quarries before they reach secondary school.

We’ve now reached 120.122 chocolate bars sold!

Cocoa not Cocaine

Cocoa not Cocaine

Legal organic cocoa cultivation instead of illegal cocaine trade. We’ve been helping local farmers make the switch since 2010, first in Colombia and now in Peru. Alongside this project, we offer our »Peru Cocoa not Cocaine« chocolate, and the movie »Cocoa not Cocaine« can be seen at our chocolate cinema.


Sailing ship

Cocoa sets Sail

Ahoi! Cocoa sets sail. Twice before, we put a load of cocoa on a sailboat to ship it over to Hamburg from Nicaragua and Belize. From there, it went on a train to us in Austria, where we transformed the sailing cocoa into the »Nicaragua Sail Shipped Cocoa«, a chocolate with an outstanding ecological footprint.