Welcome to the Zotter Experience World

Enjoy an unforgettable day at the Zotter Experience World in Bergl near Riegersburg in the Austrian province of Styria:

Immerse yourself in the world of chocolate!

During the exciting tasting tour through the Chocolate Theatre you will witness live how chocolate is created. You can look inside our production through the glass architecture and at the same time check out at the tasting stations how the cocoa bean is transformed into chocolate. From the bean to the bar. Chocolate is an experience! Reservation strongly recommended: Book your choco tour, experience first-hand how chocolate is made and snack to your heart's content.

Reservation strongly recommended!

Make a reservation

You have the choice: reserve and pay on site or buy online tickets!

Cocoa Journey in the Zotter Experience World

In the Chocolate Theatre we take you on "A Cocoa Journey Around the World" to Peru, Nicaragua, Belize, Madagascar and India. The best-of of all our film journeys of the last few years, since May 2022 in a new, previously unreleased and entertaining version with English subtitles by our filmmaker Roland Wehap.

Over 500 chocolates await you in the chocolate shop! The whole Zotter assortment is available. Hand-scooped chocolates, pure single origin chocolates, drinking chocolates, couverture, handmade organic bonbons, gift sets and many more. You can also assemble your own individual bonbon box and discover a lot of new flavours. We‘re looking forward to your visit!

Food & Drink

We offer you a new street food concept in the Zotter Experience World:

In our Organic Coffee Shop you can find delicacies from the Edible Zoo and we will be happy to serve you wine from our wine bar, home-made desserts and first-class espresso to the accompaniment of relaxing music - with organic & fair trade coffee beans, of course from our own roasting.

Hot dogs, fries, beer, lemonade and more can be found at the Organic Hot Dog Stand "Airstreamer" and at our new Organic BBQ, where we offer you all about burgers and other grilled dishes under the motto "Grill & Chill".

How about a picnic in the Edible Zoo? You can get sandwiches, cakes and drinks to take away in our organic restaurant, as well as our organic deli, which you can also consume at the numerous seating areas in the Edible Zoo. Besides our homemade drinks are also available from vending machines in the zoo area.

We opened our new Art Park with ponds as one our newest attraction. You can see numerous colourful and creatively designed installations and sculptures by renowned artists such as Paul Mühlbauer, Helmut Kohl and Josef Lederer.

Enjoy art in the beautiful atmosphere and scenery of our Edible Zoo, relax and watch our animals. Lots of action and fun await at the adventure playground, the giant slide and the Farmer's Golf course.

Public arrival...

Tip: leave your car at home and visit us by public transport. With some advance planning, this is possible by train (to Feldbach) and bus (to the front of the manufactory). More...

Special Tours with extras

Make your Zotter visit a little sweeter with a welcome aperitif, tapas or your own chocolate creation More...

Not accessible by wheelchair or with stroller …

Due to many staircases our Chocolate Theatre is unfortunately not fully accessible. We offer all people using wheelchairs to visit our cocoa cinema and to enjoy a special chocolate tasting in our shop for free.

We recommend that parents with small children use a baby sling. You can park a stroller in the foyer or in the cloakroom.

Happy Birthday

We got a little surprise for all of you, who will visit us on your birthday (1 - 100 years). Please show your identification card at the entrance.

Tours in sign language 

We offer guides tours in sign language for groups 10 persons and more at any time you like. Please send an email at schokolade@zotter.at

Bring your dog ...

If you plan to bring your dog to Zotter, there are 12 lockable dog crates at our "Hunzdorf", that you may use. As it is not possible to reserve one of the crates in advance, we cannot guarantee any availabilty. Please note our terms and conditions for the temporary custody of your dog.