Cookies and third-party technologies used

Introduction and explanation

We use 3 types of cookie technologies:

  1. Essential technologies, without which this website will not function properly or optimally.
  2. Functional technologies, such as website statistics or tracking our sales.
  3. Marketing technologies, such as personalized advertising.

We use these third-party technologies to make this website better to use (essential), to better understand how this website is used (functional), and to show advertising when it is most likely that there is suspected interest (marketing).

You may consent to, or withdraw your consent to, the use of data by such third party providers. Put simply, you can turn certain technologies on or off. You can do this depending on the category, e.g. "Functional" or "Marketing", or you can deactivate or activate technologies of individual providers. Functional and Marketing technologies are not enabled until you have given consent.
Two additional paragraphs for easier understanding:
On the subject of "Functional": We cannot know who you are or what exactly you are doing on our website. But thanks to our web analysis, we can see, for example, that many users visit a page that leads to an error page, thus improving our website for you and others. Or we can evaluate which articles are clicked on most often and how long users stay on our site on average.
On the subject of "Marketing": Yes, these are exactly the banners that follow you on the Internet. But even if you get advertising displayed by us - we do not know you - you are actually "only" an anonymous data point of many thousands of data points. If you don't want that, then simply check that the cookie category "Marketing" is still switched off, as you may have given your consent prior to visiting this cookies page. Although - since you are already here - we assume that you would rather see advertising for chocolate (mmmh!) than advertising for insurance companies.

As an alternative (or in general) you can have a look at the Google Ads Settings and determine what Google should know about your interests - and delete it with one click. And under Your Online Choices you can see which other companies collect data for advertising purposes.

Your possibilities of giving consent (opting in) or refuse (opting out)

A) "Enabling or disabling" certain categories of services:

B) "Enabling or disabling" individual services: