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40% Milk
Cappuccino Endorphin
Cognac Endorphin
Egg Liqueur Endorphin
Potato Vodka Endorphin
Strawberry Endorphin
Peanut Praline Cube
Hazelnut Praline Cube
Heart Berry
Raspberry Endorphin
Raspberry in Love
Blackcurrant Endorphin
Coffee Endorphin
Caramel Endorphin
Caramel Praline Cube
Coconut Endorphin
Coconut Marzipan
Pumpkin Seed Endorphin
Almond Endorphin
Almond Praline Cube
Passion Fruit Endorphin
Marc de Champagne Endorphin
Apricot Endorphin
Rose Marzipan
Rosé Wine Endorphin
Red Wine Endorphin
Rum Endorphin
Rum in Coconut
Red Wine »Beerenauslese«
Sour Cherry Endorphin
Schilcher Endorphin
Tequila Endorphin
White Wine Endorphin
Whisky Endorphin
Zotter Coffee
Meaning of these symbols: vegan without milk produced without gluten with alcohol (less than 2%) with alcohol (more than 2%) alcohol-free

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Since we produce the delicious pralines with fresh ingredients and without preservatives the shelf life is limited. Biofekt chocolates and our fine endorphins have a shelf life of at least 1 month from shipping date. See detailed overview

Total (includes sales tax) 7,40
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