Farm-to-table Delicacies


Since 2011, the "Öko-Essbar" restaurant at the Edible Zoo has been serving meat and produce straight from the farm pastures and gardens and today, it counts among the country's most sustainable eateries.

Now you can get a variety of Edible Zoo delicacies delivered straight to your home. For all those who care about what they eat and prefer organic and free range products. And of course there are several vegetarian options as well! more
Created by Josef Zotter with considerable assistance from Josef von Auersbach, our remarkable butcher. We were lucky to find someone like him, who practices his trade with empathy, calm and creativity. He appreciates organic farming and loves and respects the animals. The result of this magic mixture of traits can only be extraordinary.

The Edible Zoo is Josef Zotter's childhood dream. He grew up in an agricultural environment and has always wanted to run his own farm, based on organic and environmentally sound principles, where all life is valued and appreciated. A farm that's extensive and laid back and that he can share with many people.
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Placeholder Shaggy Highland Cattle Sugo Shaggy Highland Cattle Sugo
Placeholder Highland Cattle, air-dried Highland Cattle, air-dried
Placeholder Wuggi Spread Wuggi Spread
Placeholder Zoo Ham "On Air" Zoo Ham "On Air"
Placeholder Speckburger in a Jar Speckburger in a Jar
Placeholder Styrian Stichbratl Styrian Stichbratl
Placeholder Seitan "Veggie" Sugo Seitan "Veggie" Sugo
Placeholder Happy Pig Schmaltz Happy Pig Schmaltz
Placeholder Happy Hog Schinkenspeck Happy Hog Schinkenspeck
Placeholder Spicy Sheep Sugo Spicy Sheep Sugo
Placeholder Sheep Salami Sticks Sheep Salami Sticks
Placeholder Pork Salami Sticks Pork Salami Sticks
Placeholder Beef Salami Sticks
Placeholder Deer Salami Sticks Deer Salami Sticks
Placeholder Osso Collo Osso Collo
Placeholder Mangalitza Crackling Schmalz Mangalitza Crackling Schmalz
Placeholder Liver Pâté with Glazed Apples Liver Pâté with Glazed Apples
Placeholder Lardo Bacon Lardo Bacon
Placeholder Lardo cream piquant Lardo cream piquant
Placeholder Lardo cream with Sea Salt Lardo cream with Sea Salt
Placeholder Herb Lard Herb Lard
Placeholder Pressed Cooked Ham Pressed Cooked Ham
Placeholder Honey-Cured Ham Honey-Cured Ham
Placeholder Hamburger Waldschwein Bacon Hamburger Waldschwein Bacon

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