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Alcohol-free chocolate and more

Here you will find a selection of our alcohol-free products.

Placeholder Alien Ship Alien Ship NEW
Placeholder Strawberry & Cashew Strawberry & Cashew NEW
Placeholder Blueberry & Hazelnut Blueberry & Hazelnut NEW
Placeholder Raspberry & Almond Raspberry & Almond NEW
Placeholder Blackcurrant & Macadamia Blackcurrant & Macadamia NEW
Placeholder Caramel & Peanut Caramel & Peanut NEW
Placeholder Passion Fruit & Brazil Nut Passion Fruit & Brazil Nut NEW
Placeholder Apricot & Pumpkin Seed Apricot & Pumpkin Seed NEW
Placeholder Cranberry & Hemp Cranberry & Hemp NEW
Placeholder Lemon & Pecan Lemon & Pecan NEW
Placeholder Raspberry in Cacao Raspberry in Cacao NEW
Placeholder Blackcurrant in Cacao Blackcurrant in Cacao NEW
Placeholder Passion Fruit and Orange in Cacao Passion Fruit and Orange in Cacao NEW
Placeholder Cranberry in Cacao Cranberry in Cacao NEW
Placeholder Sour Cherry in Cacao Sour Cherry in Cacao NEW
Placeholder Lemon in Cacao Lemon in Cacao NEW
Placeholder Seaweed + Caramel + Pineapple Seaweed + Caramel + Pineapple
Placeholder With Love With Love
Placeholder For Good Ones For Good Ones
Placeholder For You For You
Placeholder Get Well Soon Get Well Soon
Placeholder Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
Placeholder ButterCaramel ButterCaramel
Placeholder Pineapple and Cashew Nuts Pineapple and Cashew Nuts

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