Frequently asked questions about organic glucose and invert sugar syrup at Zotter

Why do some of our hand-scooped chocolates and pralines contain organic glucose and invert sugar-syrup?

There is a constant discussion about cost-efficiently produced syrups going on on the internet, which serve as cheap sugar substitutes. In our case, glucose and invert sugar-syrup doesn't substitute the processed raw cane sugar, but prevents the product from drying out as well as attracting moisture. Therefore for us this syrup doesn't serve as a cheap sugar substitutes, but is used for keeping the shelf life up.
Comparing the wholesale prices, organic glucose and invert sugar-syrup isn't cheaper than organic and fair traded sugar. It's price is even higher.

What actually is glucose and invert sugar-syrup?

Glucose and invert sugar-syrup is a yellowish, viscous fluid, containing the sugars glucose (grape sugar) and fructose (fruit sugar). Due to its composition, this sweet mixture has properties similar to honey. It is produced out of organic corn and organic sugar which comply with the current legal requirements of the European Union.

Why don't we use honey instead of glucose and invert sugar-syrup?

Honey is a viscous invert sugar solution, which's carbohydrates compound mainly of the sugars fructose and glucose. Although honey is similar to glucose and invert sugar-syrup, it shows a specific natural flavour.

Where is glucose and invert sugar-syrup used in the food industry?

This syrup is used with fillings of chocolate-products, sweet products, long-life bakery products, fruit preparations, fruit-juice, fruit-syrups, ice-cream, etc., therefore as well in some of our chocolates.