Bring your dog with you!

If you plan to bring your dog to Zotter, there are twelve lockable dog crates at our "Hunzdorf", that you may use.

As Zotter is a food manufacturer, dogs are not allowed at the Chocolate Theatre due to legal and hygienic regulations. This does not apply to assistance dogs (guide dogs for the blind, service dogs, signal dogs) in accordance with the Federal Disabilities Act.

Terms & Conditions

Please follow our terms and conditions for the temporary custody of your dog:

  • The availability of the dog crates cannot be guaranteed. Reservations in advance are not possible.
  • Every dog owner, who wants to place his dog at the "Hunzdorf", has to fill out a form, available at the Chocolate Theatre counter.
  • In return for handing in the signed form and 20 Euro as a deposit, you will get a key and directions to the "Hunzdorf" (approx. 100 metres from the entrance to the Chocolate Theatre). The use during your stay at the Zotter Experience World is free of charge. At the time you pickup your dog and hand back the key, you will get the deposit back.
  • In total there are twelve dog crates in three different sizes available. Please tell our colleagues at the Chocolate Theatre the size of your dog, so that they can give you the key to a suitable dog crate. Please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of the respective dog crate at the day of your visit.
  • Water bowls are available on enquiry at the Chocolate Theatre counter. They are free of charge during your stay.
  • Please not that the dog crates are not supervised.
  • The use of the dog crates is on your own responsibility and risk. It is your responsibility to provide a safe custody of your dog in the dog crates. Animal excrement must be removed by the dog owner.
  • General muzzle and leash regulations must be observed.
  • There is no duty of care or liability on the part of Zotter Schokolade GmbH.
  • Please pick up your dog and return the key at least at 6.30 pm.
  • While visiting the "Edible Zoo", you are allowed to take your dog with you (on the leash).