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Dried fruit and roasted nuts rolled in chocolate. Best enjoyed by letting them melt on your tongue, which reveals your piece of Ballero to be a delicious trick. Experience the switch from tender melting chocolate coat to a crunchy inside!

New: Mirror-glazed in a full chocolate coating.

The fun snack with style!

Placeholder Colourful Pumpkin Seeds Colourful Pumpkin Seeds NEW
Placeholder Cashew Cashew
Placeholder Peanuts + Salt Peanuts + Salt
Placeholder Burnt Sugar Almonds Burnt Sugar Almonds NEW
Placeholder Hazelnut Classic Hazelnut Classic
Placeholder Ginger in Coconut Ginger in Coconut
Placeholder Dates with Coffee Dates with Coffee
Placeholder Fruit Crispies Fruit Crispies NEW
Placeholder Brittle Pralines Brittle Pralines
Placeholder Macadamia in Blackcurrant Macadamia in Blackcurrant NEW
Placeholder Nutty Variation Nutty Variation
Placeholder Physalis in Lemon Physalis in Lemon NEW
Placeholder Pistachios in Almond Praline Pistachios in Almond Praline
Placeholder Sour Cherries Sour Cherries
Placeholder Grapes & Nuts Grapes & Nuts NEW

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