Where to Buy Zotter Chocolate?

Here is an overview of our shop-in shop partners in Austria and Germany, who offer a broad range of Zotter products.

You can get the whole range of Zotter chocolates at our own choco shop at the factory in Bergl (Austria), as well as at our online-shop


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Zotter choco shops

You can find everything Zotter has to offer at the factory's Choco Shop. More than 500 different flavour chocolates, handmade Biofekt bonbons and everything else made from scratch, directly from our in-house choco factory.

Each winter season, Zotter opens a choco shop on the Herrengasse in Graz, in cooperation with Linzbichler sweet shop. Open from October, 20th.

Both shops feature tasting stations like Pater Noster, the Balleros caldron and our extremely popular chocolate fountain made with delicious, liquid couverture.

Find our Zotter choco shops here

Zotter's shop-in-shop partners

Zotter chocolates are available in around 4.000 stores around the world, 90% of which are in German-speaking countries. A small number of retailers count among our shop-in-shop partners. They offer a broad range of Zotter products and have extremely knowledgable staff in their shops. These are the top places to buy chocolate in Autria and Germany.  

Find our shop-in-shops here

Zotter's Shop-in-Shop partner Astrid's Gourmet Garage

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