Mitzi Blue

70 g disc
Shelf life: minimum 5 months from shipping date

Snazzy titles, cool Zotter design and the trendy Mitzi mix – a small Mini Mitzi dips into every Mitzi. The round chocolate with a surprise effect, imaginative breaking patterns and an environmentally friendly packaging of CO2-neutral cardboard and organic plastic. The cellulose foil is made of renewable materials, it is bio-degradable and even compostable according to EN 13432.

Placeholder Sweet Dreams Sweet Dreams
Placeholder Sweet Dreams (7 pieces) Sweet Dreams (7 pieces)
Placeholder Crispy Caramel Crispy Caramel NEW
Placeholder Heaven of Love Heaven of Love NEW
Placeholder Heavenly Milk Heavenly Milk NEW
Placeholder Dark Secrets Dark Secrets NEW
Placeholder Totally Nuts Totally Nuts NEW
Placeholder Rock `n Roses Rock `n Roses NEW
Placeholder Thank You Thank You NEW

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