2 bars in one packaging
2 x 35 g bars
Shelf life: minimum 5 months from shipping date

Get to know the variety of chocolate!

Origin chocolates from the different cocoa regions in the world, with a cocoa percentage ranking, and colourful fruit bars, whose great colours come all naturally from the large amount of fruit they contain more which taste incredibly fruity and natural.

We buy all raw materials in fair-trade and organic quality and process them directly in-house, bean-to-bar. We roast, grind, roll and conche with great precision and develop individually processed chocolates for you.

Our Labookos convinced in the international chocolate test and scored top less

Placeholder 100% Madagascar 100% Madagascar
Placeholder 100% Maya Cacao 100% Maya Cacao
Placeholder 100% Peru 100% Peru
Placeholder 96% High-End 96% High-End
Placeholder 90% Bolivia 90% Bolivia
Placeholder 82% Belize "Sail Shipped Cacao" 82% Belize "Sail Shipped Cacao"
Placeholder 82% Peru 82% Peru
Placeholder 75% Guatemala 75% Guatemala
Placeholder 75% Madagascar 75% Madagascar
Placeholder 72% Opus 5 72% Opus 5 NEW
Placeholder 75% São Tomé 75% São Tomé
Placeholder 75% Tanzania 75% Tanzania
Placeholder 72% Belize Special "Sail Shipped Cacao" 72% Belize Special "Sail Shipped Cacao"
Placeholder 72% Brazil 72% Brazil
Placeholder 72% Panama 72% Panama
Placeholder 72% Peru Chuncho 72% Peru Chuncho
Placeholder 70% India 70% India
Placeholder 70% Nicaragua 70% Nicaragua
Placeholder 70% Uganda 70% Uganda
Placeholder 68% Togo 68% Togo
Placeholder 62% Dominikanische Republik 62% Dominikanische Republik
Placeholder 60% Ecuador 60% Ecuador
Placeholder 80%/20% Cacao Milk Bar Super Dark 80%/20% Cacao Milk Bar Super Dark
Placeholder 70%/30% Cacao Milk Bar Dark Style, no sugar added 70%/30% Cacao Milk Bar Dark Style, no sugar added

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