Biofekt Pralines


The range of filled chocolates from Zotter instantly shot to the top in the world-wide filled chocolates test from Georg Bernardini and convinced with sensational freshness and elegant, natural flavours. Handmade and hand-decorated with blooms and
patterns, as balls or cut confectionary.

Nibbling with passion: Of course in ORGANIC and FAIR quality which is nearly unparalleled in the sector of chocolate bonbons.


Placeholder Fancy Schmancy Fancy Schmancy NEW
Placeholder Choco Tapas Choco Tapas NEW
Placeholder Alien Ship Alien Ship NEW
Placeholder Flower Power Flower Power NEW
Placeholder Biofekt Heart with alcohol Biofekt Heart with alcohol
Placeholder Biofekt Heart non-alcoholic Biofekt Heart non-alcoholic
Placeholder 26811 26811 NEW
Placeholder Biofekt 8 + 4 Set VEGAN Biofekt 8 + 4 Set VEGAN
Placeholder Biofekt 8er Set VEGAN Biofekt 8er Set VEGAN
Placeholder Ball Bearings Ball Bearings
Placeholder Heart Roses Heart Roses
Placeholder Ring Collection 6 Ring Collection 6
Placeholder „Best-of“-Biofekt 16er „Best-of“-Biofekt 16er
Placeholder Best of Biofekt 8er Best of Biofekt 8er
Placeholder Best of Boozy Biofekt Best of Boozy Biofekt
Placeholder Biofekt Set "Love Love Love" Biofekt Set "Love Love Love"
Placeholder Biofekt & A Gift for YOU! - set with 16 bonbons Biofekt & A Gift for YOU! - set with 16 bonbons
Placeholder Biofekt & A Gift for YOU! - 8+2 set Biofekt & A Gift for YOU! - 8+2 set
Placeholder Nougat Cubes, Box of 8 Nougat Cubes, Box of 8
Placeholder POP "Thank You" green POP "Thank You" green
Placeholder POP "Happy Birthday" yellow POP "Happy Birthday" yellow
Placeholder POP "Happy Birthday" green POP "Happy Birthday" green
Placeholder POP "Happy Birthday" blue POP "Happy Birthday" blue
Placeholder POP Kiss POP Kiss

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