Academy of Chocolate Award

Zotter rakes in 11 chocolate awards with 14 submissions and is awarded gold for the "Bitter Classic" drinking chocolate! All in all, 1 gold, 4 silver and 6 bronze medals went to Zotter.

At this year’s Academy of Chocolate Award in London, a record 1200 submissions from 45 countries were in contention to gain the jury’s favour.

The jury consisted of leading chocolatiers like Valrhona’s Luke Frost and Felchlin’s Keith Hurdman, journalists like Andrew Baker from The Telegraph, Charles Metcalfe MW and Spencer Hyman from Cocoa Runners as well as England’s most influential food bloggers.

Our award winners by category:

Drinking Chocolate, flavoured
GOLD • Bitter Classic

Bean-to-Bar (under 80%)
BRONZE • 75% Guatemala
BRONZE • 75% Madagascar
BRONZE • 75% 2016 Vintage

Flavoured Dark Chocolate Bar
SILVER • Gourmet Journey to Peru
SILVER • Raspberry
BRONZE • Tahini Palestine

Flavoured Milk Chocolate Bar
SILVER • ButterCaramel
BRONZE • Bread and Roses

Flavoured White Chocolate Bar
SILVER • Fine White Chocolate
BRONZE • Nougsus CaramelNougat "fudge"

Find all winners and awards at www.academyofchocolate.org.uk

Gold Award

Silber Award

Bronze Award