JAZZliebe: Florian Trummer and Friends live


As part of the East Styrian Jazz Festival "JAZZliebe", we welcome singer-songwriter Florian Trummer to a concert at the Zotter Chocolate Theatre on Thursday, May 4th at 7.30 p.m. 

Florian Trummer from Feldbach has dedicated his life to music. Since his first performance with his band "Cradle Collective" in 2016, he has played countless concerts and released several records. His most current release is his first solo album, "No Reason To Hide" (Velwinbach Records), which he worked on for two and a half years. On this album, he refines his roots in the blues with new influences from the genres of pop, jazz and singer-songwriter. He did this with the support of local rhythm twins Maximilian Ranzinger and Hans-Peter Kirbisser, who produced the album in the Mill Village Studio. The outcome is an inspired, diverse and sensitive musical experience, which is enriched with additional energy at live concerts by Florian Trummer's immense joy in playing onstage.

Normal price: € 15,00
Price for e-Lugitsch + Ö1 members: € 14,00

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photo credit: Josef Trummer

JAZZliebe: Florian Trummer & Friends live - photo credit: Josef Trummer