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    50 cents per each Chocolate Banana chocolate bar sold go to our “Chocolate for School” charity, enabling regular school attendance for Peruvian children, who are made to work at brickyards and quarries before they reach secondary school.

    Harte Arbeit in Peru: Alltag vieler Kinder
    Girasol in der Schule
    Chocolate for School

    The fair trade and Zotter labels of course prohibit child labour, but in Peru’s impoverished northern regions, many people have to resort to sending their children to work. Our project “Chocolate for School” enables these kids to go to school on a regular basis. The most reliable way out of poverty and away from exploitation is education, and together, that’s what we can offer these children and give them a brighter future at the same time.

    Zotter is strongly opposed to child labour and as long as there are children being exploited for profit, we want to help get them get an education and safeguard regular school attendance. 50 cents per each chocolate bar sold go to our children’s charity project in Peru. Children can attend school instead of having to toil at local quarries and brickyards.

    We’ve now reached 104.877 chocolate bars sold!

    Previous projects

    School Lunches for Kids in Peru

    Helping + Nibbling chocolate

    We buy a lot of our cocoa in Peru – organic and fair trade of course – and went there on a two-week visit to our cocoa farmers. We met so many incredibly kind people there and to me, Peru felt like home.

    That's why we are very happy to support the El Huambrillo Home for Children and to sponsor all the kids' school lunches. 50 kids between 4 and 16 years old get food and education at the children center.

    This home is a Caritas appointment and was founded in 1997 to give children a future whose parents couldn't afford to send them to school or even feed them properly. At the El Huambrillo Home, the kids go to classes together and are served regular meals. They also help maintain the El Huambrillo-owned organic vegetable garden and only return to their parents on the weekends.

    The Helping + Nibbling chocolate, a symbol of our cause, is a sweet, fine and white chocolate as well as a milk chocolate using cocoa from Peru. Enjoy it, it will fill up your and many other tummies! At our online shop

    Of course you can personally sponsor the El Huambrillo Home for Disadvantaged Children and help give these kids a new home and plenty of loving care!

    Charity account:
    Name: Österreichische Caritaszentrale
    IBAN: AT35 1919 0000 0013 2761
    Reference: El Huambrillo

    From August 2015 till July 2016

    Schulgärten-Projekt der Kindernothilfe

    School Gardens in Bolivia

    Community gardens are planted in schools and kindergartens to provide for children between the ages of 2 and 16 who live in the barren Bolivian uplands in bitter poverty and simply don’t get enough food. With the aid of this project, children can now harvest their own fresh vegetables from the garden, bake bread and get at least one warm, healthy meal a day.



    Josef Zotter about the project:

    Josef Zotter in Bolivia
    Josef Zotter in Bolivia

    "The 'Helping and Nibbling' chocolate and the cooperation with the children's emergency fund mean a whole lot to me because I have been to Bolivia myself, to visit our cocoa farmers from the fair-trade cooperative El Ceibo. The country is beautiful but there is a lot of poverty. Even though our cocoa farmers are doing well because they receive fair wages and, as small farmers, can grow everything they need to live on a few hectares, not everyone is that well off. That is why I thought the idea to plant self-sufficient gardens in schools and kindergartens was simply ingenious; a piece of land and education are the surest ways out of poverty.

    Self-responsibility and self-sufficiency simply mean independence. As organic and fair-trade chocolate producer, fairness and responsibility are as important to me as the chocolate itself. With the 'Helping and Nibbling' chocolate I want to show that the world doesn't end right on our own doorstep. We have to learn how to create global fairness, especially through our consumption. Because every Euro we spend makes a difference. Due to the cooperation with the children's emergency fund, the children really do receive our help - and children, after all, are our future." Josef Zotter

    Your help:

    If you, too, want to help children in Bolivia, you can of course also donate directly to the children's emergency fund.

    Donations account: BIC: GIBAATWW, IBAN: AT142011131002803031

    Please enter the following as reference: Bolivien, 90046

    Tax deductibility for donations: Donations to the Austrian children's emergency fund (Kindernothilfe Österreich) are tax-deductible.