• Balleros

    Delightful Balls rolled in Chocolate

    Dried fruit, roasted nut pieces and crunchy cocoa nibs rolled in chocolate. It’s best not to eat them but to let them melt slowly. That’s when the piece of ballero turns into a piece of flavour art. Experience the interplay of melting chocolate and crunchy content.

    Wow! Nibbling in a new dimension!

    Cut into balls with finesse and craftsmanship, entirely without glazing agents.

    100 g pack
    Shelf life: minimum 5 months from shipping date

    Easter shippings

    We are grateful for the large amount of orders that we are currently receiving. However, despite working in 2 shifts including weekends, we can no longer guarantee timely delivery before Easter. The online shop is (almost) the only way to get Zotter chocolate at the moment and therefore the most important sales channel for us. In this way you help us to face this economic challenge directly. We therefore hope for your order and kindly ask for understanding in this exceptional situation.

    Please take advantage of the opportunity to have chocolate sent directly to your loved ones by us. Even if it might arrive after Easter, it will certainly bring a lot of joy and delight.

    We thank you for your support and wish you happy Easter. The Zotter family.