• Zotter Organic + Fairtrade Coffee "Whole Bean" 250g

    vegan gluten-free alcohol free

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    Product description

    WHOLE BEANS from the Zotter roastery for all those who like mild, long roast coffee.

    Organic and fair trade coffee created with the finest Arabica coffee beans from Colombia, Mexico and Peru with an added 10% of Indian Robusta for the espresso. Each coffee variety used in this coffee is roasted separately and according to its typicity. The separate soft charge roasting process produces a coffee with low acidity and heaps of aroma. Coffee has many natural flavour components and by roasting the bean gently and slowly at a low temperature, the Arabica bean is allowed to develop its full flavour profile. This method of roasting also makes the coffee easier to digest, as the tannins (chlorogenic acid), which can be difficult for the stomach to handle, are broken down in the process.

    Of course our coffee is organic and Fairtrade. We work intensively with very small coffee cooperatives in Mexico, Colombia and India and buy our beans directly from the farmers at fair prices, so our enjoyment of their product does not come at their expense.


    250 g pack, whole beans
    Shelf life: minimum 3 months from shipping date 

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