• Flic Flocs

    Crunchy chocolate flakes for nibbling or as toppings!

    Crunchy, chocolaty and fruity: chocolate flakes for nibbling and as toppings for yoghurt, ice cream, desserts and breakfast cereals. The chocolate flakes bring drive, colour and flavour to your food.

    With spelt flocs in coffee couverture and cardamom, rice flocs in coconut couverture and orange sugar, spelt flocs in passion fruit couverture and lemon powder and many vegan varieties.

    The nibbling hit in 8 varieties with real eco-consciousness of organic and fair quality.

    70 g pack
    Shelf life: minimum 4 months from shipping date


    Gratis Cool Bag-Aktion & eingeschränkter Versand

    Informationen zu unserer Gratis Cool Bag-Aktion und eingeschränktem Versand im Sommer:

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