Fruit Bar

70 g bar
Shelf life: minimum 5 months from shipping date

Tender-melting fruit: we turn colourful fruit couvertures made from freeze-dried fruit, raw cane sugar and pure cocoa butter into delicious, soft and fruity dreams. Enhanced with lots of small fruit pieces, which give the bar its crispy crunch as well as stunning colours and a natural fruity flavour, which are derived entirely from berries and other fruit. No artificial flavouring or colouring – purely natural with a huge aroma.

Placeholder Strawberry & Strawberries Strawberry & Strawberries
Placeholder Blueberry & Blueberries Blueberry & Blueberries
Placeholder Raspberry & Raspberries Raspberry & Raspberries
Placeholder Raspberry Coconut & Raspberries Raspberry Coconut & Raspberries
Placeholder Blackberry & Blackberries Blackberry & Blackberries
Placeholder Passion Fruit & Passion Fruits Passion Fruit & Passion Fruits
Placeholder Apricot & Apricots Apricot & Apricots
Placeholder Cranberry & Cranberries Cranberry & Cranberries

Cranberry & Cranberries

41,00 € / kg
incl. 10% Tax 2,87 €
4,10 €
Placeholder Sour Cherry & Sour Cherries Sour Cherry & Sour Cherries
Placeholder Lemon & Oranges Lemon & Oranges

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