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Chocolate enhanced with fruit couvertures

Inspired by flowery wine tasting notes raving about hints of cherry aroma or echoes of blackcurrants and dark berries, we thought it would be great if everyone could experience similarly fruity flavour spectacles. Our new chocolate range features chocolate classics infused with genuine fruit, so the cherry aroma will no longer remain a hint. moreIn trade vernacular, melting together chocolate and fruit couverture is called an infusion, which subsequently leads to an aroma explosion.Cacao naturally possesses enormously varied flavour bouquets. More than 600 are known at this point, most of them fruit or citrus aromas. And we’re now strengthening our cacao’s natural aroma profile with fruit couverture. Experience dark and milk chocolates accompanied by raspberries, oranges, cherries, cranberries and blackcurrants. The new classics with an indulgent fruity flavour.
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